We will be sharing the latest technical updates in the products' technologies in NFC / SWP / IC-USB & LTE in our coming COMPRION Workshop Seminar on 23rd Sept 2010 in Westin KL.
With the HEAD Recorder 2.0.300, you can now record triggered video signals together with audio signals. With ArtemiS 11.0.200 you can play back cursor in the Mark Analyzer.
High performance audio analyzer optimized for production test. Best-in-class instruments for its speed, performance, automation, and ease-of-use.
A new company profile to express our refreshed corporate image.
Our new corporate logo is officially used for TMEKL business operations. This is in conjuncture with our HQ's corporate rebranding campaign.
Moving with the marketís higher demands, TME has expanded our solutions offerings to serve in 4 domain sectors. Click on our the 'Products & Services' menu for more info.
AGI has implemented its core analytical functions along with its visualization environment, as low-level, standalone class libraries.
Expand APx measurement capability to measure speaker impedance.
Our new suite of measuring systems for assessment of optical radiation safety, and LED lifetime accelerated testing.
These pyranometers are for meteorology, hydrology, climate research, solar energy, environmental and materials testing, greenhouse control, building automation and other applications.
Thank you for your support
We thank you all who joined us at the "Mitigating Cyber Threats" Seminar
on 24th Nov 2010 for a successful event.
Join us for AGI Tech Tour Event : 12 April 11


Join experts from AGI, the producer of mission-proven software for advanced space, defense and intelligence applications this April for the AGI Global Technology Tour. This free event will feature presentations by AGI and partners Esri and VT MÄK, as well as hands-on demonstrations, an overview of current and future AGI capabilities and much more.

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GE : The significance of the corei7
The new processors Intel® recently announced in its Core® i3, Core® i5 and Core® i7 families included 12 targeted at embedded applications. The features and functionalities of the Core i7 allow companies like GE Intelligent Platforms to develop new generations of solutions that offer improved performance per watt, superior SWaP characteristics and more.

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